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Volvo Cars is taking a bold lead with electrification in the automotive industry. As the first major premium car brand to commit to a hybrid or full electric powertrain for all their models, they aim to drive the automotive sector forward, improve the quality of the air in our cities and increase our success as a business.

By 2025, they aim for 50% of Volvo Cars' sales volume to be fully electric, and they're committed to putting one million electrified cars on the road by the same year. From 2019, Volvo ensure every new Volvo car will feature an electric motor, showcasing our determination to spearhead cleaner mobility.

At Waylands, to reflect our commitment to reducing environmental impact and improving urban air quality, we are thrilled to offer exclusive partnerships with Zoom EV and Ohme. These collaborations bring exclusive offers and savings on various home charging points, public charging, EV parking, charging cables and more. To demonstrate our responsiveness to customer needs, all of our friendly team are fully EV trained, making sustainable mobility accessible and convenient for everyone.

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