Charging your Electric Vehicle

XC40 R-Design T5

Charging your Electric Vehicle

One of the key differences in driving an electric car versus a petrol or diesel vehicle is fuel. Nobody enjoys spending time at petrol stations and when you switch to driving an EV, stopping to fill up your car can be a thing of the past.

Most EV owners choose to charge their vehicles at home overnight and once you get used to this it’s just like plugging in your smart phone or laptop. The batteries that power these cars are designed to hold their charge for longer so they often don’t need to be charged every night.

The other option for EV owners is to charge their vehicle at a public charging station and there are thousands of these throughout the UK. These charging stations often offer rapid charging units which are capable of charging your electric car to 80% capacity in under an hour. Its now easier than ever to find a charging station for your EV and the network is growing every day. With over 500 new chargepoint connectors added to Zap Map every month.


Your Hybrid charging cable options

Every Recharge model comes with two charge cables as standard. You can also upgrade at an additional cost for previous model years.

3 pin plug
Type 2 connector
3-pin plug

Plug directly into regular 3-pin wall sockets. Useful if you have no home charging point installed.

Comes as standard.
Charges at 2.3kW.

Type 2 connector

The most common type of electric car charging socket, with charging stations all over the country.

Comes as standard.

Works with most 3.7kW, 7.kW and 22kW charging stations.

Your hybrid charging options

Our Twin Engine plug-in hybrids can be plugged into charging stations up to 22kW through the Type 2 charging cable that you can purchase with it. But their charging speed is limited to 3.7kW. Here is what this means for your 0 – 100% charging times:

3-pin socket 2.3kW
5 hours
Type 2 'Slow' 3.7kW 3 hours
Type 2 'Fast' 7kW 3 hours
Type 2 'Rapid' 22kW 3 hours


Hybrid charging costs less

A mile in a petrol car can cost anywhere from 12p – 21p. Charge up your plug-in hybrid every night and you can make daily savings – particularly on short journeys like your morning commute.

Model Cost to fully charge* Maximum electric mileage range** Cost per electric mile***
XC40 T5 Twin Engine £1.22 28.6 4.2.p
XC60 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 33.6 3.9p
XC90 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 28.6 4.6p
S60 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 36.0 3.7p
S90 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 35.4 3.7p
V60 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 36.7 3.6p
V90 T8 Twin Engine £1.32 35.4 3.7p
*Based on the average cost of electricity per kWh, 14.37p. May vary depending on your electricity rate.
**Depending on, amongst other things, driving style, temperature and climate, normal range for electric mode is as above. Specification dependent.
***Rounded up to the nearest decimal.