Volvo EX30 From £33,795 Available to test drive.
From £33,795

EX30 'Plus'


EX30 'Plus' included features:

- Safe Space Technology
- Adaptive cruise control
- Harmon Kardon Premium Sound
- And more

Available with:
- Single Motor
- Single Motor Extended Range
- Twin Motor Performance

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EX30 'Ultra'


EX30 'Ultra' from £42,045: Plus features, plus:

- Panoramic roof
- Park Pilot Assist
- 360o camera, 3D view
- And more

Available with:
- Single Motor Extended Range
- Twin Motor Performance

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EX30. Big electric performance in a small package.

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295.8 Miles
Electric Range
(Up to)

26.5 m
Estimated DC fast Charging time

Energy consumption
(per 100km)

3.6 seconds

Small car wins big. The new fully electric Volvo EX30

We are proud to announce that the EX30 has won 6 awards! Crowned Car of the Year in the News UK Motor Awards 2023. Car Wow’s car of the year 2024. Eco Warrior of the Year from Top Gear for all round excellence in carbon reduction and sustainability. And a double win from – awarded Small Family Electric Car of the Year and Car of the Year in their new car awards 2024.

Praised for its style, equipment and specifically its competitive pricing, the accolades highlight that our smallest ever SUV is set to become a big player in a small package, the EX30 has a range of up to 295* miles.

*Range varies depending on driving behaviour and other external factors.

Experience the future of mobility with the fully electric Volvo EX30, the smallest SUV ever produced by Volvo Cars. With its sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled sustainability, this remarkable vehicle is set to redefine the concept of compact luxury SUVs


Embodying Scandinavian minimalism, the Volvo EX30 features a sleek and contemporary design that effortlessly captures attention on any road. Its aerodynamic shape not only enhances its elegant aesthetics but also improves efficiency for enhanced range. Step inside the cabin and be greeted by a meticulously crafted interior that exudes sophistication and comfort. With ample space for both passengers and cargo, the EX30 is ideal for urban adventures and weekend getaways.


The Volvo EX30 excels in functionality, with a boot space of 318 litres, and 904 litres when the rear seats are folded down, and there is also extra storage under the bonnet.


What truly distinguishes the EX30 from its competitors is its impressive towing capacity, ranging from 1,000 kg to 1,600 kg when braked. The AWD variant boasts the highest towing capacity, standing at 1,600kg, surpassing the ‘extended range’ mode’s 1,400 kg and the ‘Standard’ models 1,000kg capacity.


Volvo has equipped the EX30 with the latest cutting-edge technology and safety features, re-enforcing their leadership in automotive safety. From advanced driver-assistance systems to a comprehensive suite of safety technologies, this small electric SUV is designed to keep you, your passengers, and others on the road protected at all times.


The stylish soundbar is the centrepiece of a high-performance audio system.

Park Pilot Assist

The EX30 can park itself, steering, accelerating and braking for you.

Ambience Themes

Five illumination and sound themes conjure the ambience of Scandinavia.

Smart storage solutions

Practical storage solutions and a versatile boot add convenience and comfort.

Intuitive by design

Simpler and more customisable driver controls and displays help make driving less
complicated and more intuitive

Centre Display

The 12.3” tablet-style centre display keeps driver information at a glance with your favourite controls on the same screen.

Calm View

Use calm view to see only essential driver information on the centre display. Toggle to surround view for all the details.

Google built-in

Get your favourite apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps and more on Google Play right in your car for a seamless experience.

Recycled. Renewed. Refined.

We’ve crafted four nature-inspired interiors for the EX30. They blend beautifully colour-coordinated upholsteries and décor made from renewable and recycled materials.


The refreshing cool we long for on sunny days. Look for unique patterns in soft colours.


The lingering silver fog at dawn's first light. Look for natural materials in crisp, contemporary colours.


The elemental magic of Scandinavian forests. Look for warm, tactile materials in rich, natural colours.


The rising night sky at dusk. Look for modern, sporty materials in rich colours.


From debris to décor.

Designed to have the smallest carbon footprint of any Volvo car to date, the EX30 uses renewable and recycled materials in new ways.*

Responsible design

A minimalistic design approach and efficient use of materials helped us reduce or eliminate waste.

Exterior materials

Around 25 per cent of all aluminium, 17 per cent of all steel and plastics used in the EX30 are recycled.

Interior materials

Around 30 per cent of décor parts use recycled plastic, plus recycled and renewable surfaces.

*Based on lifecycle CO₂ footprint over 200,000 kms of driving using EU27 electricity mix and related to globally available products.

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