Hybrid Reviews

Here at Waylands Volvo were always sharing the benefits of driving electric or hybrid, and while it might not be for everyone we don’t want you to only take our word for it. So, we have asked some wonderful customers to tell us about their experiences. Have a read, and if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

XC40 Hybrid

Melanie Whitfield drives an XC40, but was willing to test drive an XC40 Hybrid from Waylands Reading...

Hi Melanie, can you tell us what you love about your XC40?

I love the sleek design of the XC40, the arctic white with the black roof is smart and stylish. It’s a spacious, but small, SUV.

Can you tell us about your favourite features?

I love the design of the XC40. The touchscreen ‘entertainment’ system and the sleek interior add to the appeal. The boot opening was a pleasure!

Did you have any preconceptions about driving a hybrid car?

My initial concerns with a hybrid were the speed and pick up from starting, the ease of charging at home, the economy, the value for money and whether it would drive differently to my existing car.

So, you have test driven an XC40 Hybrid (petrol/electric) – what was the furthest journey you drove?

My commute to work is 37 miles each way. This encompasses some local roads, A-roads and motorway. I drove in wind, rain, sun and sleet. There was no difference in performance in any weather. It was comforting to know that performance remained the same throughout and the hold on the road was excellent. I did not achieve a significant increase in MPG, but I did put £20 of petrol in the car and was surprised that it showed I could drive 220 miles.

Any ‘myths’ busted?

Yes, that it would be slower than a ‘regular’ car and the pull away from start would mean I would have to drive like my mum!

The XC40 hybrid appears to have plenty of pulling power in electric mode and the petrol engine wakes up and kicks in simply, easily and smoothly when required. No jerky changing.

If anyone was ‘on the fence’ about hybrid what would you tell them?

If youre looking for a hybrid to undertake short local journeys with the use of the electric but with the power to undertake longer journeys using petrol, the XC40 Hybrid is amazing.

How did you find charging the vehicle?

The actual charging of the car was very easy assuming I could park close to a 3-pin plug as my workplace does not have electric charging points. At home the issue was the same, being able to park close enough to a window to use a 3-pin plug without trailing the charging cable across the footpath or blocking the driveway was a slight issue, however, I managed to navigate around these with the family by swapping and moving cars around dependent on who was in or out first.

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XC90 T8 Hybrid

Emma Franklin owns the Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid and is a customer of Fawcetts Newbury.

Hi Emma, what can you tell us about the your driving habits and typical journeys?

I’m Mum’s Taxi! Lots of school runs and others local trips to sports clubs and activities, plus regular trips down to Cornwall.

What are your favourite features of the XC90 T8?

It’s practicality. We have three kids and a dog so it can get quite full, especially if were off camping or on holiday. I love that even with the back seats up there is still a good amount of boot space behind them which wasn’t the case in the other similar cars we looked at. 

This is our third XC90 and we definitely like the new design and more luxurious interior compared to the old style.

Have you had any issues getting used to the car?

You do have to be aware, when in busy town centres, that people can’t hear you coming. So, you have to be much more aware of pedestrians stepping out in front of you!

Have you been ‘proven wrong’ in any way since driving the hybrid?

No, Adrian at Newbury was fantastic so we knew exactly what we were getting and have been very pleased.

What’s the one thing you hear a lot when people mention your car?

That its good value for money compared to its competitors.

Would you change anything?

Longer battery range – I am hoping when I buy my next XC90 it will go much further on the battery.

Do you think you have had to compromise anything driving a hybrid?

No, not at all.

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