Volvo Cars and Plugsurfing have partnered to offer you the key to one of Europe’s largest charging networks.

Get Plugsurfing with your
pure electric Volvo

A plug surfing account will be included with every pure electric Volvo Recharge model in Europe, giving you access to one of the Europe's largest and most-up-to-date charging networks.

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Start charging sooner with simple set up and support

When you purchase a pure electric Volvo Recharge model, you’ll receive a Plugsurfing welcome package, including a unique Plugsurfing charging key. We’ll help you get started with setting up your account, finding charging points via your car’s Android infotainment system and using your Plugsurfing app and charging key.

plugsurfing card


Plugsurfing map


Our map filters work for you. Find over 200,000 charging points in our network and navigate to the one that fits your needs. Now your commute, weekend getaway or road trip across Europe is simple and worry-free.

Transparent payments

Plugsurfing does not lock you into a subscription. You only pay for the charging you use, and get invoiced on a monthly basis.

Electric car charging points run by more than 650 charge point owners, such as Innogy, EnBW, Allego and Vattenfall.

One account

You won’t need to juggle multiple provider accounts and apps. The streamlined Plugsurfing app and charging key let you charge your Volvo with ease at the charging points of all major Plugsurfing operators.

200,000+ charging points

With more than 200,000 charging points across 38 European countries, Plugsurfing has you covered, from your daily commute to long-distance drives across borders.

Surfing Card