​Your questions, answered

We try to give you as much information as we can when you purchase your vehicle. But, just in case we missed something, below are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, click below to email the team, or simply ask us at your handover.

Ask us anything​

1. How do I change my number plate?

It can take the DVLA up to four weeks to process a number plate transfer, so we would recommend owners to put their number plate placed on retention to speed up the process. To get started, click here to put your plate on retention with the DVLA.

2. How can I keep my car looking pristine?

We hear a lot from customers who want to try and keep their vehicle looking as good as the day they bought it. With that in mind, we offer a paint protection service to help maintain your car’s beautiful finish against road salt, traffic film, and, of course, the British weather. We also have products that can be used as upholstery protection, creating a barrier against spills and moisture. Click here to find out more on how to protect your Volvo.

3. When I buy my car do I receive drive away insurance?

If you buy a new or used vehicle from us, then you will always receive complimentary insurance for a five-day period. To find out more about the service, feel free to get in touch with your local team by clicking here.

4. What is AdBlue?

You may find your car is fitted with an AdBlue tank. It appears in many diesel cars, and a lot of our customers feel out of the loop. It’s essentially a clever fluid that minimises harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions, making your car safer. If your vehicle does have AdBlue, the car will alert you on the dashboard when it’s running low. Please don’t be alarmed, just pop in to see us and we can top it up.

5. Do I have Breakdown Cover?

Yes. Every new Volvo comes with three years Volvo roadside assistance, or one years cover with the purchase of a Volvo Selekt used car. You can call Volvo Assistance from within the UK for any more information on 0800 777116, or if using a mobile 0208 603 9416.

6. Can I accessorise my car further?

Yes, you can. Please visit our online accessory shops here.

7. How do I use Volvo On Call?

To be able to use the app services offered with Volvo On Call, you will need to create a Volvo ID and download the Volvo On Call app. Your Sales Executive will complete the process with you and ensure the app is set up during handover of your vehicle.