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Volvo is renowned for offering some of the most reliable vehicles on the road, but even the most durable vehicles need maintenance from time to time. A Volvo service plan ensures your vehicle remains in the best possible condition, no matter the challenges it faces.

Offering you a simple way to regulate your payments, service plans cover all your scheduled servicing for up to six years, with labour and parts charges frozen at today’s prices.

Your vehicle will be maintained to the highest standards by Volvo trained technicians, using only genuine parts, ensuring it’s in the best possible hands.

You will also automatically benefit from the Volvo Service Promise which includes free 12 months Volvo Assistance and if applicable a free software download. Read more on the previous page.


Service plans are available for both new and used Volvo vehicles. New service plans begin at £599 for three years and £999 for five years. Click here to find out more.

XC40 P8


The cost of used service plans varies according to the model and mileage. Find out more about Waylands Service Plans here.