Your Electric Purchase made easy

The Waylands Zoom EV Bundle.
With every Electric or Hybrid vehicle purchase

We have partnered with Zoom EV giving you access to a range of benefits making your transition to EV driving as straightforward as possible. This means that when you purchase your electric vehicle from Waylands, as well as your complimentary home charge point, you'll be given access to a range of benefits such as discounted public charging rates, energy tariffs and nationwide parking. Your benefits package can save you up to £1,000 in your first year of ownership and this is all done in a few easy steps. When you buy your vehicle from Waylands, our friendly Sales Specialists will ask you to fill out a simple form and your FREE bundle will be issued to you by Zoom EV.

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Zoom Public charging
Zoom Parking
EV Energy Tariffs
Home Charging

Public Charging

Buy your EV with Waylands and unlock a range of discounted public charging rates across popular providers.

Nationwide Parking

Enjoy discounted parking with Q-Park meaning you're covered wherever you go.

EV Energy Tariffs

Access SSE's Fix and Drive v2 tariff which gives you enough FREE electricity to drive for up to 8,000 miles when you charge your EV during off peak hours.

Complimentary Home Charging Point

Buy any new or used Volvo and receive a complimentary home charging point worth £899.

Zoom EV