Start Driving MG Electric and Hybrid

There are many reasons to choose the MG Electric and Hybrid Range. The 7 year warranty, the huge choice of vehicles and engines, and our electric vehicle heritage. But you might find the main one is, they're great to drive!

7 Year Warranty

Every MG car comes with a class leading 7-year 80,000 mile warranty, including the battery. So you get 7 years of driving pleasure, 7 years of lower running costs and 7 years peace of mind.

See MG Warranty Policy

Longer range

Our Electric and Hybrid vehicles can easily manage the vast majority of journeys we take without having to recharge, with the MG ZS EV delivering 273 miles and the MG5 EV providing a reassuring 250 miles on full charge.

Expert Electric Vehicle Knowledge

As one of the pioneers in EV technology we’ve had time to refine and improve our EV range.

Low Servicing Costs

Electric cars also have far fewer moving parts than a traditional petrol or diesel engine, and therefore require less work when being serviced. Hybrid powertrains reduce engine strain, while regenerative braking decreases brake wear which can prolong the life of parts.

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