Electrification Explained

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How do electric cars work?

An electric car is just like any other car, except it uses a battery to drive a powerful electric motor. This makes them more economical and with no emissions, better for the environment. And instead of refuelling you simply recharge at home, or at one of the many public charge points.

What is a Self-Charging Hybrid?

A Self-Charging Hybrid car uses a combination of electric power and a conventional combustion engine to deliver remarkable fuel economy, seamless power and lower emissions.​


What is a Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)?

A Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) is perfect for those who want to travel further in electric mode. It’s got a bigger battery than a Self-Charging Hybrid, and can give you a 30 mile electric range. When that electric range is depleted, the car automatically switches to Self-Charging Hybrid mode.​


What is a mild hybrid (MHEV)

A Mild Hybrid car is very similar to a Self-Charging Hybrid car, but with a smaller battery. So it can’t drive on battery power alone. The battery is there to help the petrol or diesel engine perform more economically.