A crack-ing service! Here’s how to get a free car windscreen and puncture repair

We’re proud to offer the UK’s first free initiative to cover both tyres and windscreens, through a service designed to quickly reassure drivers that their car is safe to drive and meets the Highway Code’s requirements.

Waylands is ‘spare-ing’ a thought for drivers who may be running a little flat this month, by offering a free puncture and windscreen repair service.

With nuisance potholes and worn-out road surfaces causing many drivers to experience punctured tyres and chipped windscreens, Volvo Car UK, is launching a free windscreen and tyre damage repair service for any Volvo driver, regardless of their car’s age.

To use the service, customers can take their car to any Volvo retailer across the UK, where a qualified Volvo technician will check the damage and, in most instances, repair the problem on the spot, providing a fast and convenient service that is free of charge. If the damage is not repairable, the technician will advise the customer on alternative options to get them back on the road as soon as possible.

We know that minor issues such as tyre punctures or windscreen chips can be a nuisance to resolve, but if left untreated, these small inconveniences can lead to bigger, more costly replacements.

Get your free repairs today!