Kia EV3 Coming Soon

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The Kia AI Assistant : Meet the power of technology that always has an answer.

The Kia AI assistant, powered by generative AI, is the in-car digital voice assistant. In your prefered language, this helps you access information, recommendations and simple questions.

How the Kia AI Assistant can assist you

Vehicle Usage :

Vehicle maintenance and vehicle control - "Can you set the temperature to 18℃?"​

Travel : 

Navigation and POI information - "Can you recommend a good cafe nearby?"Text here ...

Entertainment :

Games, music recommendations and commands​ - "Can you recommend some romantic jazz?"

Mobility :

Mobile device SYNC, public transportation information​ - "Can you tell me when the flight from Paris arrives today?"

Knowledge :

Knowledge search, Daily Chat - "Can you recommend something fun to do this weekend?"

※ The Kia AI Assistant feature and response speed may function differently by regions/conditions/situations. Depending on the OTA updates on your vehicle, your vehicle may not be equipped with all features or may not operate exactly as described.

Up to 372 mile range 

81.4kWh battery capacity and an aero-dynamic design with 3D undercover ​

i-Pedal 3.0

One pedal driving that adjusts the level of regenerative braking according to your preference to maximise energy efficiency and reduce driving fatigue on long drives.

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