MG Oxford

Waylands to represent MG in Oxford.

Waylands is delighted to announce the appointment of a third brand partner in the Thames Valley.The dealer group will be representing MG in Oxford, from the end of August this year.

MG has a long history and originally derives its name from Morris Garages, a sales and service centre in Oxford that was owned by the legendary William Morris. So, in many ways MG is coming back to its Oxfordshire home.

MG has tripled its sales in the UK over the last 3 years, enjoying 76% volume growth year-on-year, and is currently the UK’s fastest-selling car brand as well as the fourth best-selling EV brand in the country.

Oxford will be a fantastic market for MG as it is one of the leading cities in the country in the adoption of EV’s through its Zero Emission Zone – one of the first in the UK.

John O’Hanlon, CEO of Waylands commented “We are delighted to be joining the MG network at this exciting time.MG is a brand that will be evocative for many car buyers in our area.MG started and continued production in Oxford for many years. It’s strategy of creating a full range of cars including EVs, at market leading price points is incredibly attractive, accompanied with a full 7-year warranty”

MG Motor’s Commercial Director, Guy Pigounakis, added: “We are delighted to join with Waylands as our partner for Oxford and can see how the city represents a great opportunity for a brand like MG and its ‘EV for everyone’ mindset. This is a highly strategic appointment to our network, and we look forward to working with Waylands as we continue to expand our EV leadership.”

The dealership will be situated next to our existing Volvo site on Cumnor Hill and we will be open mid-August for all servicing and sales enquiries.

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