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Underpinning all of our plug-in hybrid vehicles is battery technology designed to empower you.


For an electric car to really make a dent in terms of sustainability, zero emissions in the driving cycle are not enough. One example is that we need to ensure that raw materials used in our batteries are fully traceable. Our procurement experts have now enlisted the help of cryptography to solve that.
Traceability of raw materials used in production of lithium ion batteries, such as cobalt, is one of the main sustainability challenges faced by car makers. We are committed to full traceability, and so far we have worked with this in a number of ways, such as close collaboration within our supply chain, on-site visits and third party validation.


Hybrid Servicing and Maintenance
Looking after a Hybrid engine? It's easy....
On the whole, servicing and maintaining your plug-in hybrid should cost around the same as a traditional engine. Here's a couple of reasons why:

Longer-lasting brakes
With regenerative braking, the brake pads tend to be used less regularly and can last longer (although this depends on driving style)

Less time idling
The petrol engine can turn itself off whilst the electric motor is powering the car, reducing wear on moving parts.

Servicing as usual
Plug-in hybrid servicing is no more regular - and no more expensive - than with a traditional engine.

If not recharged, then recycled...

Battery technology is resource intensive, so it's important to find a way to repurpose our old batteries once they are no longer fit for use in cars. Right now, we're working to develop a sustainable recycling process that reduces this waste.

recycle batteries

The Volvo Battery Promise

We guarantee the battery in your Hybrid for 8 years or 100,000 miles
*this does not cover the normal gradual capacity loss expected from all lithium batteries

Volvo Warranty
While it's under warranty (8 years or 100,000 miles*), we'll happily fix any material defects in your plug-in hybrid's lithium battery pack. Simply visit an authorised Volvo workshop and let our experts take care of it.

A health check for your battery
​A Volvo Health Check includes over 40 different checks and inspections to make sure your car is at its very best. For hybrids, you can add your battery to the list of things our experts will keep an eye on.

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